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Dark Night Campaign.


Now that the dark nights are upon us we need to ensure that we protect ourselves from potential criminals.

Our vehicles,  ensure all valuable items ( wallets, purse, lose change, jewellery, debit/credit cards, etc) are removed. Make sure  you close windows and lock your doors and alarm is armed. Use D-locks or chains to secure motorbikes or bicycles.

Our Home we are all protective of our homes yet sometimes we forget to do the basics to keep thieves from our doors. We have a few reminders for you.

Outside lighting is a good deterrent a long with CCTV cameras. (Use a qualified company accredited by either the  National Security Inspectorate or the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Boardinstaller for CCTV)

Have a recognised burglar alarm fitted, this could also bring down the price of your home insurance.

Take any keys out of door locks at night after locking up, especially patio doors. Criminals are cutting out glass to reach keys left in locks to open doors.

Close blinds/curtains and leave a light on if your leaving you home empty for any period of time.

Don't leave cardboard boxes from expensive items ( new TV.s etc ) next to your outside bin.

Use immobilise website to register your valuables

Find out if there is a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme near you. If not, why not set a scheme up.

Looking out for Neighbours. If you have elderly or disabled neighbours  living in your street, why not pop in and check to make sure they are okay or ask if they need anything especially if the weather is poor.