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About us

Bedlingtonshire Neighbourhood Watch was formed in January 2015


At one time Neighbourhood Watch used to be run jointly by both police officers and members of NHW schemes. In 2015 due to the massive reduction in our police officers on the beat, NHW had to be run solely by scheme members and was made our responsibility.


­All Coordinators agreed to take this on and we decided to bring all areas together under one name so we could manage the individual schemes. We then formed a committee that consists of a Chairman, Secretary and a Treasurer. The Coordinators meet on a quarterly  basis to discuss any issues that may arise within their area schemes. If an area has a problem, we then discuss a way forward and help out when we can. We have police in attendance, they give us an update of crime figures for that period. The Chairman and Secretary have regular meetings with the Neighbourhood beat Sergeant  at Bedlington police station.

We work closely with Northumbria Police and (national NHW) to get advice and maintain our high standards .


Our Achievements


  • We worked with Bedlington forum to ask for extra police to patrol Bedlington Front Street when there had been a high volume of anti-social behaviour in 2017/18.

  • We have helped residents that are afraid to contact the police to report a crime.

  • Successful  in a resident evicted from their home due to consistent anti social behaviour.

  • Helping residents with parking issues and school transport.

  • We have open days at different venues.